Dada Life – The Rules of Dada (Album) : Full Length Electro House Album

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Do you know how to do the Dada? Are you familiar with this memorable Swedish electro house duo? Are you ready for the debut full length album from Dada Life? Throughout the past few years the Swedes have been hard at work creating a strong name for themselves playing festivals across the world, released countless songs, all working up to the release of their debut album The Rules of Dada. It features all of the anthems that were previously released with hilarious music videos like "Rolling Stone T-Shirt", "Happy Violence", "Feed the Dada", and "Kick Out the Epic Motherf*cker" and tons of new ones. They have created a style of electronic music that makes you want to rage your face off while at the same time creating an urge to sing along to the overly happy lyrics throughout. We got a sample of how weird  things were going to get with the ritualistic music video to "Feed the Dada". Stream the entire thing below, and purchase through iTunes, and let's see what's next for Dada. We picked out a few of our favorite tracks, listen through the whole thing though. Enjoy!

Dada Life – The Rules of Dada (Full Album) | Purchase through iTunes