Daft Punk’s Chicago House Roots Displayed in New Film ‘Teachers’

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House music may be one of the most popular forms of electronic music, known and danced to worldwide. Its roots, however, can be traced back to a certain time in Chicago. Even some of the greatest albums of all time, like Daft Punk‘s Homework, were majorly influenced by the earliest pioneers.

That idea is the main focus of a new film called Teachers. Arriving on the 25th anniversary of Homework, this new film aims to highlight the musical influences of the project. Teachers features a mix of music from Chicago house from legends like DJ Deeon, DJ Slugo, and Paul Johnson, put together by CK303. The mix serves as a soundtrack to archival footage of Chicago dance crew, House-o-Maniacs, directed by Dave Tynan, and edited by Michael Donnelly.

You can check out the 10-minute film along with the tracklist below. Enjoy!