Daft Punk are ‘Bringing Back Soul’ with Random Access Memories: Collaborators Documentary Episode 2 – Todd Edwards [MUST WATCH]

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"When the music becomes focused on the effects that are being used, or the presets of sounds.. it's computer.. there's no soul there. Pretty ironic that two android (robots) are bringing back soul."

The second episode in a truly iconic video series showing the back story of the mysterious french duo Daft Punk, leading up to the release of their 4th album release, Random Access Memories.

The episode dives into some very interesting topics including Daft Punk talking with past collaborator Todd Edwards. They talk on Daft Punk being in California trying to capture this "West Coast Vibe" s like various classic Amerian acts. Todd moves onto Daft Punk and how they have always been collaborating. Todd sang , co-wrote and co-produced "Face to Face" with Daft Punk. As he put it "They Are Always On to New Challenges", consistently working with some of the greatest producers and muscians in the world for every one of their projects. For their new album this is no different.

Random Access Memories has an incredible lineup of highly speculated collaborators. The current reported collaborators currently include Strokes singer Julian Casablancas, Noah Lennox (aka Animal Collective's Panda Bear), Pharrell Williams, Italian disco producer Giorgio Moroder, Chic's Nile Rodgers, piano virtuoso Chily Gonzales, songwriter Paul Williams, seasoned session guitarist Paul Jackson Jr. (Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston), Todd Edwards, and DJ Falcon.

They have recruited a diverse lineup of real musicians all connecting with different fan bases in different ways. By working with these artists they will be able to transition a raw soulful essence that is missing the growing electronic world more focused on the effects then the actual music. One of the best lines at the end is "When the music becomes focused on the effects that are being used, or the presets of sounds on the computer, there is no soul their. Pretty ironic that two android robots are bringing back soul." It couldn't be more true. There is not electronic act with more buzz in the entire world, so there wouldn't be anyone more suited to bring back soul. To say that their new album Random Access Memories is going to be a game changer, would be a huge understatement. May 21st couldn't come any sooner. You can pre-order the album through iTunes.