Daft Punk Share Live Concert Stream from Los Angeles 1997

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If you’re like the majority of the TSIS, you were only a very young child when Daft Punk was ascending in the ’90s. In fact, most of the world probably doesn’t even know what they looked like before their helmet-donning era. Today, however, you have the chance to check out what a live set from the iconic duo was like in 1997, when they performed at The Mayan Theater in Los Angeles.

Daft Punk have shared a one-time-only stream of their concert on Twitch, which is currently taking place at the time of this post. They also have returned to social media in some capacity, posting several times about the stream.

Rolling Stone is also reporting that Daft Punk are set to release a deluxe edition of their albumĀ Homework, which turns 25 years old this year. More details on that will be coming as soon as the album arrives.

Check out the live stream below. Enjoy!