Daft Punk – SNL Ad With “Get Lucky” ft. Pharrell and Nile Rodgers for Random Access Memories

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After giving Coachella a special exclusive suprise 2 minute trailer on the Jumbotrons during Friday, Daft Punk have released a 1 minute version of the new video for us to replay infinitely showing the robots, Pharrell, and guitarist Nile Rodgers. Those suits are truly next level, and I really hope they become the new fad.

We get more of the incredible single "Get Lucky" which will be the lead single on Random Access Memories, their upcoming released slated for May 21st. This is easily going to be one of the most signifcant music releases ever.

"We're up all night to get lucky."

Also for those wondering, Daft Punk did not perform during Phoenix's set last night at Coachella… it was randomly enough R. Kelley.. Granted it was good, especially for those R. Kelley fans who are happy to see him performing live again. I just wanted to see some Daft Punk.