Daktyl Serves Up Diverse New Mixtape ‘Halcyon (Tape 2)’


Multi-instrumentalist and producer, Daktyl, has been turning heads as of late, with his unique fusion of live instrumentation and electronic production. Releasing singles on labels from bitbird to Young Art Records so far in 2023, the rising artist is finally ready to share a new, full-length mixtape, Halcyon (Tape 2).

Part of Daktyl’s tape series, Halcyon (Tape 2) embraces full creative freedom – no set genre, no rules, just art. Intro track, “ritual,” showcases Daktyl’s warm vocal tone, enveloped by a bed of silky pads. On the other end of the spectrum, “nowhere,” in collaboration with Holly, puts the producer’s experimental production on full display. Halcyon (Tape 2) is a truly impressive showcase of the rising artist’s dynamic range.

Daktyl shared the meaning behind the Halcyon series, commenting:

If you’ve been following me for a while you know I make a lot of music. The halcyon tape series is kind of a chance to collect some of the stuff that’s been sitting on my hard drive and put it into a cohesive collection of work. It’s really about just creating for the sake of it without any overarching agenda or pressure.

You can stream Halcyon (Tape 2) at the link below. Enjoy!

Daktyl – Halcyon (Tape 2)