PREMIERE | Listen To Daniel Allan’s Electrifying New Single “Stay The Night”


Up-and-coming artist Daniel Allan has let us in on a real gem with his latest track, “Stay the Night,” which is premiering exclusively on TSIS today. It’s a stirring and compelling version of electro pop.

The track starts out slowly with Lexi Shanley’s vocal, but fills out nicely as the track progresses. Colorful synths creep into the track and then explode on the drop, oscillating between some really punchy percussion. Those synth sounds are impeccable and make for a bouncy but driving track.

Despite being very fresh on the scene, Allan has been putting out some awesome tracks the past few years, and is improving and evolving with each one. His production has an edge and creativity to it, setting it apart from a lot of the electronic pop that has been flooding the music industry lately. We’re excited to see what the future holds for this talented young musician. Check out this new track below, premiering exclusively on TSIS. Enjoy!

Daniel Allan – Stay the Night (feat. Lexi Shanley)