Danny Brown Releases Amazing New Single “Kool Aid”

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Danny Brown has just released a new single, "Kool Aid," that will be featured on HBO's Silicon Valley soundtrack. The song sees a return to his hip-hop roots after 2016's wild, experimental album Atrocity Exhibition and subsequent bonus tracks. 

The Detroit rapper continues to show why he is one of the most clever lyricists in the game today, and the hard-hitting bass of the beat only accentuates this skill. The grime-influenced hip-hop beat would fit right in with his older releases, and the combination of the steel drums with his verses make for an instantly re-playable song. His voice is unlike anyone else putting out music right now, and he uses this to create immediately recognizable and unique tracks. The song will be premiering on this Sunday's episode of Silicon Valley on HBO and will be released on the show's soundtrack, out on June 23rd through Nas' Mass Appeal Records. Enjoy!

Danny Brown – Kool Aid