Elusive Hip-Hop / R&B Duo Darci Shine On Infectious, Moody New Song “On My Own”

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Darci is back with even more heat. The elusive hip-hop / R&B duo has had us intrigued since we first heard them, and they continue to show off their signature sound on their latest track “On My Own.” 

Little is known about the mysterious producer / vocalist duo, allowing their music to do the talking for them, and we’re fully on board. Darci effortlessly blends the lines between rap, R&B and electronic with their unique yet versatile sound. Songs like “Seeing Colors” taking a catchy, electronic R&B influenced route while “These Nights” brings a somber, somber R&B style with trappy production and their most recent single “At Least” taking a similar sound to “On My Own” walking the line between rap and R&B.

This new one is definitely one of the best yet, flexing both their bars and ear for melody while the production boasts moody soundscapes, rolling basstones and skittering percussion laying the perfect nocturnal foundation for the vocals to float atop. Enjoy!

Darci – On My Own