Lido Pays Homage To David Bowie With Brand New Cover of “Space Oddity”

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Legendary British musician David Bowie tragically passed away just 3 days ago after his long battle against liver cancer. Bowie's impact on the music industry was almost immeasurable, his avant garde style helped shape the nature of rock and roll and art as a whole for years to come, influencing a wide range of pop and rock musicians and many more.

Lido has now decided to pay tribute to Bowie with his cover of the 1969 hit "Space Oddity." Originally featuring acoustic guitar, soft drums, and violin, Lido adds his own modern twist to the track with whirling tones and celestial synth effects that perfectly adhere to the space theme as well as his own vocals. This new cover goes to show just how far reaching David Bowie's influence is, impacting even contemporary electronic artists such as Lido. Stream his salute to Bowie below and check out a behind the scenes look of the making of his latest EP the Passion Project while you're at it. Enjoy.

Lido – Space Oddity (Lido's Salute)