deadmau5 Launches New House Music Label, hau5trap

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Over the years, we’ve seen plenty of amazing house-inspired tracks come from deadmau5‘s label, mau5trap. Today, deadmau5 is creating a new sub-label purely dedicated to showcasing new house music. The label is called hau5trap, and already has it’s first released scheduled.

Tommy Trash is going to have the honors of launching hau5trap with a new single titled “Hiiigh,” featuring Daisey Guttridge. The track is set for release near the end of the week, Thursday, March 4.

Speaking on the launch of the new sub-label, deadmau5 says:

With hau5trap, we get to support more things we love specifically in house music. Tommy Trash remixed my ‘Bridged By A Lightwave’ and ‘The Veldt’ tracks, so I’m happy to have him be the first artist to release on hau5trap.