deadmau5 Is Rejuvenated On His First Solo Release In 2 Years “Quezacotl”

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This Spring, the legendary deadmau5 played out a dazzling new single that had fans salivating for its official release. We now have that release as “Quezacotl” is out everywhere for everyone to enjoy!

His first solo release since 2022, “Quezacotl” is the classic deadmau5 we all love. Clocking in at just over 7 minutes, this track is a masterclass in crafting a tranquil soundscape that takes you on a beautiful ride. The beginning chords build into an iconic deadmau5 synth salvo the rest of the way.

“Quezacotl” is just one of three tracks from deadmau5’s upcoming some ep EP, and if this is any indication it is going to be amazing. Stream “Quezacotl” below and enjoy!

deadmau5 – Quezacotl

-Written By: Derek Lavezzo