Enigmatic Producer Deathpact Shares Sinister, Bass-Packed New Single “Piston”


Deathpact is one artists has continued to impress us lately with their deep, gritty sound design. Having popped up on our radar via a collab with REZZ and coming off their recent, heavy single “First Interference”, today the enigmatic producer has shared a brand new track, titled “Piston”.

Weighing in at just over two minutes, we’re loving the sinister direction Deathpact took this one in. Starting off slow with some wails, eerie screeches and skittering percussion, the track wastes no time to somersault into an explosive drop filled with shrill, metallic screeches, dark, wonky radio static and gritty pulsing bass. We can't wait to see what the future has in store for Deathpact. Check out “Piston” below and enjoy!

Deathpact – Piston