Defining Chill Hip-Hop : People Under The Stairs

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Today i've got one of my favorite groups a friend showed me back in high school. They have some songs that are so sick I almost assumed everyone had heard them, but I've realized not everyone has, so I'm hear with a People Under The Stairs double throwback, showcasing two of the tracks the got my hooked on People originally. Another group from the LA, they just don't stop making great music over in LA. They've got a unique raw sound to them that really sets them apart the sea of rappers. This track "Acid Raindrops" is such a great sick chill song, it really the definition of a chill rap song. It's taken from their 2002 album O.S.T., which is a great album. It's got some of the coolest chillest lyrics which just paint a story in the listeners mind. Enough rambling just press play and enjoy!

Acid Raindrops – People Under the Stairs


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Next up is another classic P.U.T.S. track, it's got one of the chillest beats I have ever heard, really. Some people are indifferent about the rapping in this one, I think it's great. It's got a classic rap feel similar to Biggie's rawness, as it should since this track was made at the very end of the 90's surprisingly. Well not as catchy as Acid Raindrops, nonetheless a great classic for sure. Enjoy guys and please do click the text ads on the right sidebar.

San Francisco Knights – People Under the Stairs


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