demotapes & Darby Join Forces on Emotive New Single “ghost”


Today, two producers from opposite sides of the world unite, as San Francisco-born, demotapes, and Melbourne native, Darby, serve up their highly impressive debut collaboration, “ghost.” Fusing demotapes’s melodic background with Darby’s glitchy prowess, the result is a track we cannot help but keep replaying at our desks.

Grabbing us with its intimate, spoken word intro, “ghost” propels into an infectious build, anchored by the lyrics “I’m lost without you.” Building tension into its first drop, demotapes and Darby pick up the pace, getting funky with a four-on-the-floor groove and syncopated synth stabs- we dare you to try not to bob your head to this drop. Punctuated by beautiful piano interludes, the producers showcase their dynamic range on their debut collab.

demotapes shared his thoughts on “ghost,” saying:

“ghost” was made over a series of discord video calls late last year. Darby and I had been discussing the healing journey, and how someone (or something) can leave a void in your life after they’re gone. This echo can’t be moved on from until you confront your past. Sonically, we wanted this track to be layered with texture and ambience, and have chords that gave you the feeling of that emotional tug of war. Clover’s speech (the spoken word intro) represents the resolution to this- that you need to make peace with your past in order to move forward and heal. Our goal was to make something that would uplift and inspire people going through similar struggles.

You can stream “ghost” at the link below. Enjoy!

demotapes & Darby – ghost