Protestors In Denver Used A Mobile Funktion-One Rig To End The Day With A Full On Dance Party


While tensions have been undoubtedly high as people from each and every state of the U.S. protest against police brutality, demonstrations in Denver concluded on Thursday evening unlike most: with a dance party.

Members of the local underground music scene here in Denver constructed a mobile rig with top-of-the-line Funktion-One stacks—speakers you would most commonly find at a night club or music festival. While the original goal was to provide a PA system for the Black Lives Matter protest leaders, organizers utilized the platform for call outs, speeches at a university campus, and ultimately a dance party at the end.

One of our most beloved Denverites, GRiZ, pointed out how moments like this “remind the soul we are fighting for humanity, justice, and happiness.”

peaceful protest in Denver ended in a dance party. Centuries of systemic oppression + the current tragic events r so spiritually hurtful, u gotta have moments of celebration, togetherness n healing 2 remind the soul that we r fighting for the humanity, justice + happiness.

— BLACK LIVES MATTER (@Griz) June 5, 2020

At one point, Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser used the rig to speak to thousands of protestors, organized at the Auraria Higher Education Center. He used the platform to rally the crowd, and to thank Tay Anderson and Q, two local leaders who have been playing a major role in sending a message.

Being a Denver-based publication, we couldn’t be more proud of the people in our close-knit music scene and the protest leaders here for organizing this and adding another positive element to the demonstrations. The mobile rig will be back for more this weekend. We can’t wait to see it in person.

Initiatives like this show how crucial it is for members of the community at large to do whatever it is they can to send an important message. We’re experiencing one of the biggest civil rights movements in our country’s history, and now is our chance to be a part of it.

Image Credit / Mark Stylez Productions

Image Credit / Mark Stylez Production

Image Credit / Mark Stylez Productions