Denzel Curry Drops Act One Of Highly Anticipated Three Part Album ‘TA13OO’


Denzel Curry is one of those rappers that just has it all. Unreal flow, intricate wordplay, witty commentary, all backed by top notch production (whether it’s dreamy or straight evil). For all that reason, he’s been one of our favorite rappers, and why we’ve been looking forward to his forthcoming album, TA13OO, for some time.

The South Florida artist released the first part of TA13OO today. He’s releasing in three separate acts, the first of which is titled “Light.” This first act contains the first four tracks of the album, and so far we’re loving what we’re hearing.

As the title suggests, the tracks are much more on the chill side of Denzel’s wide spectrum. That is, until you reach the relentless banger that is “SUMO | ZUMO,” which is the transition from the first act, “Light,” into the second act, “Gray.” The last act is titled “Dark,” and we can only imagine how devilish Denzel Curry will get there.

Stream the first part of Denzel Curry’s third studio album, TA13OO, below and enjoy!

Denzel Curry – TA13OO: Act 1