PREMIERE | DEVAULT Goes Retro-Futuristic With 80’s-Inspired Mid-Tempo Banger “Sapphire”

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DEVAULT’s sound is ever-evolving. The last time he made an appearance on TSIS, he had dropped his JADE EP, which was accompanied by a full, 13-minute short film/music video that spanned across the entire project. JADE definitely seemed like a big step in a new direction for DEVAULT, and with his latest release, “Sapphire,” we’re very happy to hear that he’s continued to head down this dark and ominous path.

I wanted to create something that pays homage to the music that got me so excited about electronic music in the first place,” he states, “the new wave sounds of the 80’s, the French Touch, and the rave music of the 90’s all influenced this record.” – DEVAULT

With “Sapphire,” DEVAULT gets retro-futuristic with his sound as well as his visual concept. The synth work and arpeggios on the track immediately takes us back to an 80’s-inspired sonic aesthetic. The video does too, showing a main character set in what seems to be a dystopian future, where he’ being run through a violent simulation. The whole audio/visual idea execution is on point here, and we’re stoked to premiere and give you the first look/listen at what DEVAULT has offered up.

Check out the music video for “Sapphire” below. Also be sure to stay tuned for the full EP, which is set to drop in late September. This new track is out now on Insomniac Records. Enjoy!

DEVAULT – Sapphire