Digital Mirage Online Festival Raises Over $300K For Musicians & Music Industry Workers

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Brownies & Lemonade, Proximity, and everyone who participated in the Digital Mirage Online Music Festival should be feeling very proud right now. Over the span of three days, April 3-5, Digital Mirage has managed to raise over $300,000 for Sweet Relief‘s COVID-19 fund. The goal of this specific fund is to provide financial relief to musicians and music industry workers who’s primary source of income has been severely affected or disappear entirely due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Saying that this initiative has made history is no exaggeration. This is undoubtedly the most significant online music festival to take place so far, and the folks who have put this on have set an amazing precedent. If raising this amount of money is possible to help out the industry, you can bet that there will be more to come.

Along with Digital Mirage, we’ve seen some amazing livestream events so far such as Beatport’s ReConnect event, Boiler Room’s Streaming From Isolation series, and many more. We can’t wait to see what the next big event will be.



and it happened during vincent’s spectacular set

how is this even REAL?!

digital mirage is unbelievable@itsVincent_ @ProximityM

— Brownies & Lemonade 💜💛 (@TeamBandL) April 6, 2020