DijahSB Shares Supremely Fresh & Fun EP, ‘Tasty Raps Vol. 1’

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Toronto-based rapper, DijahSB, makes navigating synth loops, booming bass claps, and smoothed out production look easy. Inspirational without being preachy, their music is a raw look into the mind of a Black non-binary aritst rapping their way through hop, heartbreak, and breakthroughs. DijahSB has released their latest EP, Tasty Raps Vol. 1, which has already received an accolade and co-sign from Kid Cudi.

With bouncy, house-leaning production composed of warm synths, shuffling beats, and thick bass lines, DijahSB’s agile flow and witty lyricism are on full display, the Toronto rapper casually tossing off complex rhyme schemes, clever punchlines and rhythmic switch-ups like they were nothing. Containing the Harrison-produced “New Balance” as well as the Mick Jenkins-featuring “Here to Dance,” Tasty Raps Vol. 1 is the ultimate soundtrack to the adventurous parts of life, when times are good and the journey is as lively as the destination.

DijahSB is yet another emergent star of Toronto’s thriving hip hop scene and is a name we’re sure will be circulating households for years to come. Stream the EP below and enjoy!

DijahSB – Tasty Raps Vol. 1