Watch Diplo Pull Up To A Random Beach Party in Costa Rica & Play a 7-Hour DJ Set on a Laptop


Sometimes it’s the smaller, off-the-cuff parties that are the most memorable for performers—even for headliners like Diplo.

While in Costa Rica for The BPM Festival 2022, Diplo stumbled upon a little pop-up party that was taking place on the beach. According to him, there was someone DJing with a laptop and controller who played one of his tracks, and Diplo asked if he could play a couple on his setup. The setup was comprised of a folding table, a single generator, and some speakers.

Once word got out that Diplo was playing a DJ set on the beach, a ton of people started to show up. He ended up playing for seven whole hours. Unfortunately, according to an Instagram story post from Diplo, the police ended up coming and confiscating the speakers, marking the end of the event.

Diplo documented this spontaneous little party on his socials. You can check out some clips from his post below. Enjoy!