Diplo – Express Yourself EP : Must Hear EP + Music Video

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I will confidently say that Diplo is one of the most entertaining and innovative DJ's in the U.S. After seeing him all over the country at festivals and clubs, he never leaves asking "what the f*ck is this amazing sounding track??". He travels around the world stirring up some of the best, freshest sounds you have ever heard; on top of dropping radio hits like "M.I.A – Paper Planes" or the recent "Usher – Climax". He spans over a variety of for the Express Yourself EP, which finally got put up on Diplo's cloud for streaming, his first solo release in over 5 years. He's recruited artists Datsik, Sabi, Lazerdisk Party Sex, Flinch, Nicky Da B, Elephant Man, and more to help craft the most unique sounds possible. Stream the whole EP below, and purchase through iTunes or Beatport.

Also included is a music video that we've been playing so much we forgot to post it, the visuals to the title track Express Yourself featuring some vocals from Nick Da B. This bouncey track is filled shows exactly how you "Express Yourself"… I've witnissed more then a handful of girls expressing themselves all over the place.. It's a movement. Enjoy!

Diplo – Express Yourself (Music Video)

Diplo – Express Yourself EP | Purchase on iTunes and Beatport

Diplo – Express Yourself (feat. Nicky Da B)

Diplo – Barely Standing (feat. Datsik & Sabi)

Diplo – No Problem (feat. Flinch & My Name Is Kay)

Diplo – Move Around (feat. Elephant Man & GTA)

Diplo – Butters Theme (feat. Billy The Gent & Long Jawns)

Diplo – Set It Off (feat. Lazerdisk Party Sex)