Diplo Releases New House Songs “Hold You Tight” And “Bubble Up”

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Diplo is one of the busiest artists out there. He seems to be indefinitely on tour, but still manages to put out music at a high volume. He just recently released his Europa EP filled with international hip-hop collaborations and has his LSD album on the way while working on the final Major Lazer album. If all that wasn’t enough, he’s also just released two new songs today “Hold You Tight” and “Bubble Up.”

Diplo joined Zane Lowe on Apple Music’s Beats 1 for the world premiere and revealed some interesting things he’s working on. When asked why he decided to keep this as a Diplo release opposed to Major Lazer. Diplo replied “I think this is a clean house music sound, trying to develop a new style, like with a now sound, so this is the first of like eight records I’m putting out this summer.” He also revealed he has a “big record” with Elderbrook, who is a favorite of our and blessed us with an epic rooftop set at our office for our series The Sauce.

Diplo went on to explain he’s doing a lot more house music, which we cannot wait for.

Every record along the way, it’s like me trying to push it someway with different direction, like with the influences I have in house music, because right now is like a great time for house music. It’s going off in America, there are so many great underground acts that are doing big records. It’s kind of back to a classic sound and classic attitude when you go to a party and hear underground records. So hopefully one of these records is … Just trying to figure out which ones the people are into and find my direction, because it’s always a conversation with the audience, you know? – Diplo via Zane Lowe interview

Once again, Diplo shows off his versatility. He’s been pumping out amazing hip-hop collabs lately and shows he can really make any genre of music he wants. Stay tuned for the LSD album due in a couple weeks in addition to a ton of new Diplo music coming this summer. Enjoy!

Diplo – Hold You Tight + Bubble Up