Listen To Diplo & Wax Motif’s Addictive Dance Floor Groove “Love To The World”

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You know that unmistakable feeling when you hear a song and the music instantly takes hold of your body, mind, and soul? As avid music fans, we’re constantly hunting for those extraordinary tracks, and today Diplo and Wax Motif have delivered in a big way. The two legendary authorities of dance music have joined forces on an impossibly catchy cut titled, “Love To The World,” and it is nothing short of spellbinding.

To say this latest offering is a banger would be the understatement of the year. A steady, assorted 4-on-the-floor drum kit and a spicy, feather-light guitar breathe first life into this track and start your head bobbing. Next, a hypnotically energetic bass line and the entrancing vocal loops begin flowing through your body and quickly induce uncontrollable foot tapping. If you’re not up and dancing by now, just wait for the trombone solo, you’ll soon be frantically searching for open dance floor.

Diplo and Wax Motif absolutely smashed it with this one. Honestly, I can try and write all day about how great this infectious cut is, but you just have to experience it for yourself. Diplo and Wax Motif’s newest dance floor heater is 10 out of 10 extremely rinsable. Enjoy!

Diplo & Wax Motif – Love To The World