Disclosure Drop Final Album Single “Birthday” With Kehlani & Syd

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Disclosure have one more piece of their album, ENERGY, to give to us before we’re able to hear the full project this Friday. It comes in the form of another single, “Birthday,” which features two brilliant singers, Kehlani and Syd.

“Birthday” has the Disclosure brothers delivering a sultry, downtempo, bedroom cut. With the hazy vocals from both Kehlani and Syd, this is the perfect, lighthearted, romantic tune to share with your partner. Syd will have you caught in infatuation with the dreamy hook: “Can I call you on your birthday / Just to make sure that you’re okay?”

This one also comes along with a more boppy house remix from the duo, which is much more suited for dance floors.

Stream the new Disclosure tunes with Kehlani and Syd below. Enjoy!

Disclosure – Birthday (feat. Kehlani & Syd)