DJ Seinfeld Drops “U Already Know,” Announces New Album ‘Mirrors’

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We’re half way through the week, and if you need a little boost to finish the week strong, we got the tune for you. Swedish talent, DJ Seinfeld, has announced his new album, Mirrors, with the release of the fabulously funky new track, “U Already Know.”

Animated synths bounce with an 8-bit tinge while fat froggy electro bass line trots us down easy street. The sun is shining as a hypnotic siren song by guest vocalist, Tiera, adds a glistening psychedelic layer to this party starter that hits the ear so right. Seinfeld spoke on the sound of this new single saying:

“That track is very much in the vein of music I’ve released on Young Ethics recently. There’s a touch of Italo and it’s got a real funk feel to it. I was happy with it as an instrumental but I added the vocal and it just fit perfectly and brought the track to life.”

We’ll undoubtedly be giving this a thorough rinse all summer long, and hopefully the rest of the album will be packed with equally lush vibes. Stream DJ Seinfeld’s new single, “U Already Know,” below. Enjoy!

DJ Seinfeld – U Already Know