DJ Snake & Selena Gomez Team Up For Another Smash Hit, “Selfish Love”

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You might as well pencil in another platinum record for DJ Snake. The hit-making machine has just released a new song with Selena Gomez titled “Selfish Love,” and it has all the makings of an EDM super-collab.

We’re not sure how DJ Snake is able to pump out hits so easily, but he’s a producer who just knows exactly how to make catchy bops. This is the second time that he’s linked up with Selena Gomez, who appeared on one of his most streamed songs of his career, “Taki Taki.” These two clearly have found a groove with their work together, and we wouldn’t be surprised if this wasn’t the last we heard from them both.

You can check out the DJ Snake and Selena Gomez collab below. Enjoy!

DJ Snake & Selena Gomez – Selfish Love