Dombresky Unveils Disco Dom Alias with Groovy Single “Be The One,” Ft. Yung Bae

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Dombresky has been around for nearly a decade and positioned himself as one of France’s funkiest house producers in the game. He’s always displayed an affinity for future disco and has channeled that energy through his live music alias Disco Dom. Now, for the first-time ever he’s bringing Disco Dom into the studio with the release of his brand-new single “Be The One”, featuring the uber-talented Yung Bae.

Yung Bae is the undisputed king of future disco and combined with Disco Dom the pair are unstoppable. “Be The One” hones in the retro-tinged essence of Studio 54 and manifests itself into modern, disco house magic. Gospel-inspired vocals meet a groovy bassline and ear-tickling melodies for a summer-ready dancefloor heater.

Stream the track below and enjoy!

Disco Dom – Be The One (Ft. Yung Bae)