Donald Glover Announces ‘Atlanta’ Season 3 Release Date

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It’s officially on the horizon! Donald Glover has finally announced the release date for season three of his TV series, Atlanta. The season premiere is set for March 24, 2022, on FX.

Similar to past seasons, this one also has a title, which is being called Catching Flights. Presumably, the characters of the show will be traveling during this season, finally leaving Atlanta, where the show is mainly set.

Donald Glover has gone on the record saying he believes that this is some of the best television of all time (“besides Sopranos“). Needless to say, the expectations are as high as they can be with a statement like that.

catching flights. 3.24.22. Stream on @Hulu. #atlantaFX

— AtlantaFX (@AtlantaFX) December 22, 2021