Donald Glover Explains Why ‘Atlanta’ Will End with Season 4

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Every day we inch closer to the season three premiere of one of our favorite music-based TV shows, Atlanta. During a panel today, Variety reports that it was confirmed by Donald Glover and FX chairman John Landgraft that Atlanta‘s fourth season will be its last. Elaborating on that decision, this is what Glover had to say:

Death is natural. When the conditions are right for something, they happen, and when the conditions aren’t right they don’t happen. Things start to get weird…you can’t do too much. The story was always supposed to be what it was and the story, it really was us.

He also mentioned that he originally wanted to end it after season two. All that aside, Donald Glover says that the series “ends perfectly.”

Back in 2020, Glover hyped up seasons three and four of Atlanta by saying it was “some of the best television ever made.” And that only Sopranos could top them.

While some series, unfortunately, end up dragging on for longer than they need to, we’re happy to hear that things will end right for Atlanta.

Season three of Atlanta premieres next month, March 24, on FX.

H/T Variety