Donald Glover Gives Update on New Childish Gambino Music

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Donald Gover has stepped back into the spotlight recently with the release of Atlanta, season three. In his appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night, one of Kimmel’s final questions was if he was working on a new Childish Gambino album (at which point the crowd erupted before he could even answer the question). Glover answered the question indirectly by saying: “I’m making a lot of music.”

Glover went on to say how much he loves making music, and that “it’s really about how to experience it, at this point.” Kimmel then asked about his creative process, specifically how he allocates his time to music and writing. “It used to just flow,” Glover responded with a smile. “But now I have kids… So nothing flows anymore.” Glover then described a place that he goes called his “art farm,” where he can be on his own and work on anything he feels like.

While there wasn’t any official confirmation or announcement regarding a new Childish Gambino project, there is new music. It’s just a matter of whether Donald Glover has the time to turn it into a complete body of work.

You can check out Kimmel’s full conversation with Glover below. Enjoy!