Donkeychote Channels a Jazzy Lofi Jam on “60s Ballad”


This next track is one from German musician Donkeychote, whose real name is Florian Brühl. He hails from Berlin and makes jazzy lo-fi soundscapes that sweep you off your feet. The multi-instrumentalist’s new single is a special project: “60s Ballad” is crafted out of a two-hour session of him jamming out on the guitar. 

The song starts out with sultry instrumentals reeling you in right away. Each strum of the guitar seems to hit your soul in another way, with gleaming and glittering riffs that he meticulously and masterfully layered atop one another. Donkeychote adds a harmonious vocal backtrack and even a small snippet of him singing in the chill outro, adding a level of mellow mystique. Altogether, the elements of the track work in such a beautiful, organic way.    

You can stream “60s Ballad” below. Enjoy!

Donkeychote – 60s Ballad