Australian Outfit Dopamine Kicks It Into High Gear With New Single “Strange Situation” 

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Dopamine is the high-power, angsty culmination of four musicians from Brisbane coming together. The group constructs energetic rock songs with garage and Brit-pop influence, and their first release of the year is no different. “Strange Situation” dropped this past Friday, and has a classic punk sound that is brimming with passion and nostalgia. 

This song checks off every single ingredient in the recipe for a classic indie rock bop. A hard-hitting tempo right from the very first second? Got it. An infectiously catchy chorus? Bingo. Frenetic guitar chords and bold snares? Yup. This is a track where everything works so well together. The band’s instruments inject a sense of power while singer Finley Miller’s charming vocals weave in and out. We dare you not to rock out for the entirety of the single. 

Listen to “Strange Situation” below, and keep an eye out for the accompanying music video, which Dopamine says is coming soon. Enjoy!

Dopamine – Strange Situation