Dr. Fresch & House Call Records Bring The Heat On Club-Centric Compilation EP ‘Shot Callers Vol. 1’

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House heavyweight, Dr. Fresch, has been reigning over the electronic music community for quite some time now. After debuting his very own label, House Call Records, towards the end of last year, he’s released a number of hits including his dark mid-tempo “Armageddon.” Today, we’re happy to share with you the label’s first compilation EP, Shot Callers Vol. 1, highlighting a few House Call favorites.

The project is built on five club centric records that highlight the labels’ artists at their peak dancefloor attitude. Shot Callers Vol. 1 boasts returning House Call artists Martin Hørger and WA-FU, alongside Dr. Fresch, and newcomers Glass Petals, Phace, FETISH and Fox’d.

Here’s what Dr. Fresch had to say about the EP:

“This project is for the DJ’s and club goers! I brought these artists together and curated this specific selection of tracks with dance floor records in mind. My goal is to showcase the House Call team’s peak dance floor energy. Every single track represents each artist’s unbridled maximal energy. With this Summer’s return to shows, “Shot Callers” couldn’t come at a better time.”

Stream the project below and enjoy!

House Call Records – Shot Callers Vol. 1