DRAMA Announces New Album, Delivers Self-Titled R&B Single


While beloved R&B/electronic duo, DRAMA, gets ready for the release of their third album, Till We Die (coming later this fall), they kindly grace us with yet another single to keep us on our toes. Na’el Shehade and Via Rosa present their self-titled track, “DRAMA.”

Bubbly bass stabs and moody vocals collide on “DRAMA.” The self-titled single embodies unapologetic confidence, Via Rosa taking the lead with bold lyrics. An undeniable fit for the club, “DRAMA” builds on a house beat perfect for the dance floor.

DRAMA shared their thoughts on the new single, commenting:

This self-titled anthem is for anyone in their ‘this is what I need in order to love properly’ era, those of us who are entering the humble yet confident ‘of course they’re going to love me, I’m amazing’ stage of our lives. It’s a reminder to ourselves that we don’t have to accept love from people who don’t know how to love us, we’re no longer afraid of not being wanted.

You can stream “DRAMA” at the link below. Enjoy!