Dreamers Delight Glistens On Vibrant New Single “ORION”


Recently, Dreamers Delight announced that he’s releasing an EP with six tracks that emulate six different “dream worlds” of his. We got to hear the glimmering “Carbon” last month, and now he just dropped “ORION”. This exuberant future bass song is reflective of his jungle dream world, a shimmering and exotic mixture of sounds. 

Each part of “ORION” feels cinematic, like listeners are ascending to a new chapter. In classic Dreamers style, the song takes off right away with a dramatic and daring intro, as production winds up and has you on the edge of your seat. Then comes a hyphy breakdown, where the bassline feels as if it is bursting at the seams. And that second drop… sheesh. 

Give the track a listen, and make sure to catch this Denver producer rocking Red Rocks the second day of Rowdytown this year. Enjoy!

Dreamer’s Delight – ORION