Dreamers Delight Traverses a Sonic ‘Atlas’ with New EP


We have been waiting for Dreamers Delight to drop his latest EP for a while now, as he rolled out a few tracks as teasers over the last couple of months. Staying true to his namesake, the Denver-based producer has whipped up a collection of songs that is both dreamy and delightful. His 6-track Atlas came out over the weekend, completing his catalog of “dream worlds” that take listeners through different sonic scenes. 

This album is a dense masterpiece that feels like food for your soul. He invites listeners to dive into some melodic bass, with mostly instrumental electronic tracks and atmospheric cuts like “Orion” and the synth-saturated title song “Atlas”. On two of the tunes, “Feelings” and “The Journey” he enlists the lung power of vocalists Britt Lari and MAYLYN, adding a feminine essence that elevates the sound to a heavenly tier. All in all, it is a beautiful and cohesive piece of work.

You can listen to the EP below, and make sure to check out the mesmerizing visuals that correspond with each track. Enjoy!

Dreamers Delight – Atlas EP