DROELOE Have Announced That They’re Splitting Up


One of our favorite Dutch duos, DROELOE, has announced that they will no longer be operating as a pair.

In a heartfelt and moving social post, Hein and Vincent exchange letters that they have both written to each other. In the letters, the two both thank each other for sharing the experience of DROELOE over the past five years.

It’s always tough to see duos or groups split up, but we’re happy to hear that Vincent will continue to carry the DROELOE torch on his own, while Hein focuses on his own visual work that inspires him.

You can see the letters the two wrote to each other in their social post below.

❤️ pic.twitter.com/o9AXjQSHKL

— DROELOE (@DROELOEMUSIC) October 21, 2020