DROELOE Shift Gears On Refreshing New Single “I CAN’T WAIT”

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DROELOE has taken a step outside their comfort zone in their most recent single and brilliantly so. “I CAN’T WAIT,” released with bitbird, is a step back in energy. Moving away from the meticulous sound design, DROELOE has gone with a simpler more organic route for this one and they’ve done it excellently.

The piece utilizes a horn section with a rich and warm tone to really drive the piece home. It contrasts the distorted bass excellently but is also supported by full vocals and a simple but swinging percussive groove. The piece never asks for too much but you’re given just the right amount to feel complete with good and energetic feelings.

With all that’s going on in the world the group unfortunately had to cancel the remaining tour for their EP, A Promise Is Made, but it seems like this has not slowed them down at all. You can listen to “I CAN’T WAIT” now, below. Enjoy!