[PREMIERE] Dubloadz Shares Hard-Hitting Dubstep Track “Fight Music 2017”


We are excited to premiere a second track from Dubloadz’s new album, Dubloadz and the 9000 Ghosts. Titled “Fight Music 2017,” this dubstep banger follows up the record’s first single, “Drunken Record,” which we premiered just a couple weeks ago. As with that release, “Fight Music 2017” shows how Dubloadz is able to synthesize bass music sounds from past and present to make for an energetic dance track.

What better name for a tune containing aggressive vocal samples and machine-gun-like synths than “Fight Music”? Punchy drums and a reverberating landscape are quickly wrapped up into a swarm of hard-hitting dubstep sounds. Rising, robotic bass hits with furious impact as Dubloadz continues to unleash a barrage of distorted synths and heavy samples. “Fight Music 2017” is an impressive follow-up single from Dubloadz’s album, which is out today. Listen below, purchase Dubloadz and the 9000 Ghosts now via Disciple, and enjoy!

Dubloadz – Fight Music 2017 | Purchase