Earl Sweatshirt Releases New Track “Wind In My Sail” Plus Two Instrumentals “SKRT SKRT” and “Bary”

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Earl Sweatshirt has become a staple in the rap world as he’s solidified himself as one of the better lyricists out there. In addition to his rapping, he’s also become quite the producer and has just uploaded three new tracks to his Soundcloud including a couple instrumental tracks. Chance The Rapper also took to twitter giving Earl praise by saying he’s been wanting to form a rap duo with Earl for years…. we can only hope this actually happens. 

Wind In My Sails” has a beat produced by Alchemist that is a slower use of the same sample on “Children of the Atom” by Captain Murphy, which is Flying Lotus’ rapping moniker. Earl’s impeccable flow sits in pocket as he shows why he’s the king of the monotone with his meticulous lyricism. In addition, he’s also shared “Bary,” which sample Kanye’s “Bary Bonds” with pitched down vocals. Lastly “SKRT SKRT” is a laid back hip hop instrumental with worldly strings showing off his production talents and is begging for someone to rap on top of. Stream all three below and enjoy. 

"Wind In My Sails" – Earl Sweatshirt | Stream Only

"Bary" – Earl Sweatshirt | Stream Only

"SKRT SKRT" – Earl Sweatshirt | Stream Only