EARTHGANG Drop Reflective Rap Single “Aretha” Ahead of New Album

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Atlanta duo EARTHGANG has been putting in some work in the studio lately. Following their spin on Drake’s “Lemon Pepper Freestyle” last week, the boys are back with a new song of their own. “Aretha” is a soulful diddy that allows the lyrical genius of Olu and Dot to be on full display. Out yesterday, it’s set to appear on the album due later this year, Ghetto Gods.

The track starts by laying down a simple, catchy backtrack, with bouncy piano chords and an Aretha Franklin sample. It has a gospel meets psychedelic rap vibe, something that we dare you not to bob your head along to. Then the rappers enter, coating the song with introspective flows and sharing witty tales about the chaos of the come-up. 

You can listen to “Aretha” and watch the music video below. Enjoy!