EAZYBAKED Move To A More Melodic Style with “Letting Go”


EAZYBAKED is a duo known for dropping dirty dubby bangers, but for their most recent track, the boys decided to steer their music in a different direction. Today marks their second release of the year, and it’s a delightful departure from their typical sound. “Letting Go” is a beautiful, melodic bass song that shows serious promise for what to expect from their new style. 

“Letting Go” starts off easy, with a light and airy intro featuring some ethereal vocal loops. The beat creeps gracefully towards the drop, and then into a chic breakdown with stunning melodic synth work. As the track unfolds, it moves through peaks and valleys, taking you through a gorgeous soundscape. While definitely much more chill than their usual stuff, it’s done in such a masterful way that fans are sure to appreciate this artistic change. 

You can listen to “Letting Go” below, and you can see them play it live if you’re in Denver this weekend and catch them at the Black Box on Saturday. Enjoy!

EAZYBAKED – Letting Go