EAZYBAKED Releases Innovative New EP ‘Rotations’

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EAZYBAKED is stoked to share their newest body of work, an EP that “represents a lot of hard work and experimentation.” Rotations arrives today, and only continues to cement EAZYBAKED’s place as one of the most innovative and exciting acts in the scene.

Rotations features two already released singles from the duo, as well as two brand new tracks with completely different vibes. The first new tune, “BOOM,” showcases the experimental side of their production style, utilizing glitch-filled drops and fluttering bass stabs. “Expectations,” on the other end of the spectrum, flexes EAZYBAKED’s melodic expertise, with bubbly arpeggios and vocal samples taking the stage.

EAZYBAKED spoke about the EP, sharing:

This EP in part, represents the rotations of life and how each day brings its own set of challenges and opportunities. This was made to be played just about anywhere, from the dancefloor to your car, and maybe at a family reunion. We put our entire being into these tracks and pushed ourselves to level up our mix-downs/songwriting abilities. Expectations was a tune that felt really great to write through and through we tried a lot of things we’ve never done before, it’s a journey sonically!

You can stream Rotations at the link below, out everywhere via Deadbeats. Enjoy!

EAZYBAKED – Rotations EP