Linkin Park’s “Shadow Of The Day” Gets Stunning Cover From Portland Duo Echos

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Today we have a really special Linkin Park cover. This incredible take on the original comes from rising Portland duo Echos, who have taken on “Shadow Of The Day”.

“We created this cover in Tal’s apartment last week in two vocal takes, and only a couple days of production. We wanted it to feel as real as it felt for us while recording it, in that moment of grieving. Just as Linkin Park records demonstrate such authentic emotion, we wanted our cover to have those same true human emotions. We hope our SOTD cover can help others heal as it helped us. 100% of proceeds from this cover will be donated to a charity to be defined by Linkin Park's team.” – Echos

Like many of us growing up in the nineties, the duo consisting of Lexi and Tal were big Linkin Park fans who were taken aback by the tragic news of Chester Bennington’s passing. Their take on the classic LP track is an emotional and beautiful rendition that is a pleasant tribute to an artist who has influenced so many young artists. All proceeds will go to charity so be sure to support. Enjoy!

Linkin Park – Shadow Of The Day – Echos Cover