Edward White Showcases His Dynamic Production Chops on ‘Endlessly’ EP

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Dirtybird‘s White Label is reserved for “forward-thinking, genre-bending” artists who the imprint feels are something special. The newest addition to the exclusive label is rising producer, Edward White. His brand new EP, Endlessly, showcases exactly why he got there.

Title track, “Endlessly,” centers around syncopated synth chords, captivating us with its countermelodies and groovy beat. “Vert” follows with more experimental production, White playing with wobbly bass stabs and adventurous fx. Vibey vocal samples on “All I Want Is You” cascade over atmospheric progressions and stripped back drums, closing the EP out on a peaceful note.

Edward shared his insight into the tracks, commenting:

I spent a lot of time trying to finish ‘Endlessly’ and when I added the main vocal, the whole track seemed to fall into place. I really like the idea of thoughts and feelings being endless (like a love for family and friends) in a world where materialistic things are very much not.

You can stream Endlessly at the link below, out everywhere via Dirtybird Records. Enjoy!

Edward White – Endlessly