Watch Eelke Kleijn’s Unreal Cercle Set at Mont-Saint-Michel Abbey

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Cercle reached an amazing milestone today, delivering a beautiful set from Eelke Kleijn at the historic and revered French landmark, Mon-Saint-Michel Abbey. With Cercle favoring melodic artists for their more spectacular locations, who better than Eelke to take on the architectural wonder, who recently released a mesmerizing new album, Oscillations.

Eelke Kleijn goes all out in this one, fully equipped with synths and launchpads for a gorgeous live set from a terrace high up in the abbey. His setup overlooks a breathtaking sunset, and as the the light begins to fade away, you can see all the lights start to turn on within the abbey. The whole production is absolutely beautiful, and a must-watch.

You can watch the full set below, via Cercle’s Facebook page.

Watch Here