Electric Kif Transport Listeners Into ‘Dreamlike’ State With Experimental Rock/Electronic LP


Electric Kif are a Miami-based power quartet that explore the boundaries between rock, jazz fusion and electronic drum & bass. Made up of bassist Rodrigo Zambrano, keyboardist Jason Matthews, drummer Armando Lopez and guitarist Eric Escanes, they describe their music as “post-nuclear,” a dynamic mash of hard-hitting groove, high octane riffs and cosmic melody. We last heard them on their experimental single, “F.M.B.”, and are excited as ever to announce their next album, Dreamlike, has finally arrived.

The project is a set of cosmic recordings that builds on the band’s rock-solid sense of groove and their epic composition style. Both atmospheric and primal, Dreamlike transports listeners from its very first downbeat, and captures the unbridled energy that has made them a staple of the Miami music community. Track after track, Dreamlike pulls listeners back and forth between dense rhythmic passages and ethereal stretches of space making this one of the more creative and intricate albums of the year so far.

Stream the entire project below and enjoy!

Electric Kif – Dreamlike