PREMIERE | Eliminate Unleashes Insane New Dubstep Weapon “Mind Control”

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We’re always hunting for new artists to knock us off our feet.  Our newest addition to the site, LA-based dubstep producer, Eliminate, doesn’t just knock us off our feet… He knocks us straight to the moon with his new track, “Mind Control,” coming via Bassrush.

This one starts off with an entrancing mechanical voice that greets listeners with a diabolical intro and a suspenseful muted percussion line. Eliminate gears up with a drawn out build, and then launches us into an absolutely devastating drop, punctuated by searing synths, screaming saws. As this catastrophic cut continues and captures your attention with another wild drop, we can confidently say that every listener will fall victim to Eliminate’s “Mind Control.”

Check out this brand new heater from Eliminate below and enjoy! If you want to get to know the man behind this madness, check out the interview he did with Bassrush after that. It’s the greatest interview we’ve ever seen (hands down).

Eliminate – Mind Control