Eliminate Unloads Dynamic New Bass Single “Open Your Eyes”


Eliminate, an artist whose music cannot be defined by one singular genre or category, always manages to surpass expectations with every new release. Whether that be an unexpected drop or an otherworldly progression, we can rest assured something special is around the corner. His newest single, entitled “Open Your Eyes,” may just be our favorite to date.

A mastermind of dubstep, drum & bass, electro house, glitch hop, and many more, Eliminate had plenty of inspiration to pull from when creating this new banger. “Open Your Eyes” contains not one, but three distinctive and absolutely massive drops. Each one is as unexpected as the last and fuels the listener with energy fit for the dance floor. The first is a four-on-the-floor driving, psytrance groove. From there, we expected the vibe of the last drop to continue but were surprised with a groovy, electro twist. Finally, Eliminate brings it all home with a classic bass drop full of radiant synths and a hefty beat.

You can listen to Eliminate’s new track “Open Your Eyes” below, out everywhere via NIGHTMODE. Enjoy!

Eliminate – Open Your Eyes